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Multimedia Development & Animation Production

MCUBE is an integrated Creative Content and Multimedia Development company that specialize in designing and full production of compelling, engaging, interactive and informative contents include high quality 2D & 3D Animation, Special Visual Effects, TV Dramas Series, TV Commercials, TV Programs, Movies and Games for Advertisement, Broadcasting Television, Motion Pictures Feature Film, Gaming industries, Corporate Enterprises and Public sector. Our senior staffs have experience in art directing, character designing, storyboarding and project development for numerous productions.

Calling upon a comprehensive set of disciplines, skills and technologies, MCUBE brings together a team of highly respected, professional and talented artists at the pinnacle of their craft, both locally and abroad, to your project to maximize the potential of your ideas. MCUBE comprises a network of affiliated media entities, each specializing in a unique part of the value chain - from creation of original animated properties to content broadcasting and distribution, as well as work for hire animation services.

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Hybrid Marketing Strategy & Implementation

At MCUBE, we provide strategic and innovative hybrid marketing solutions on both Digital and Non-Digital. We combine dedicated expertise, partnerships and alliances to delivering the most effective online and on-ground marketing solutions and service that in-line with your brand and business needs, from planning and strategy to creative development, implementation and measurement. Starting with strategy focused on results and realized through world class multi-platform digital and non-digital marketing, we create interactive experiences that engage, persuade, educate, entertain, amuse and inspire your target audience to action and achieve your marketing objectives. In a simple manner, you come up with ideas, and MCUBE will back them up with meticulous production values. Looking at everything from every angle, we are able to advise you on the best way to do things, and recommend solutions to suit your marketing strategy. Whatever you’re brief, our experts will add value to it.

We provide a series of hybrid marketing solutions in both Digital and Non-Digital platform that blended with strong visual elements with considered content to achieve effective online branding for your business, harnessing the power of technical innovation.


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Licensing & Integrated Merchandising

MCUBE is mainly focusing on Character and Entertainment Licensing. This category of licensing encompasses properties springing primarily from feature films, television shows, videogames and online entertainment. The largest portion of the Character and Entertainment Licensing business is aimed at children, through a broad range of merchandise categories such as toys, apparel, publishing, food and beverages, videogames and electronics, among many others. Child-targeted entertainment and character properties also often play a large role in promotional licensing but the category also features adult-targeted classic characters whose appeal is centered on a nostalgia factor, and even some child-oriented properties are marketed secondarily to adult audiences by creating a Cool factor around them.

MCUBE handles the production of the merchandises and manage the licensees in manufacturing, especially for Children Toys and Education products. We can create the full articulated and photorealistic model with branded vac-form packaging for the Toys. We provide a first-class service from design to product development, manufacture and deliver a wide range of products based on MCUBE owned and Partners owned intellectual properties (IP) such as Daley Creative "Celestial Warriors, MDeC Saladdin etc. With the adaptation of these animated characters, any product can share in their popularity and as a result, enjoy increased brand awareness and higher brand recall.  

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Key Personnel

Rick Moh
Chief Operating Officer & Creative Director

Rick is a veteran of the Malaysia, Singapore and China’s Animation, Creative Content and Advertisement industry. He graduated from The One Academy on year 2000. An animation artist and creative producer, Rick bridges the gulf between the two disciplines from both technical and business. Leveraging on his past experiences and continued focused on advertisements, animation series and TV programs production, his customers including international well-known brands such as Hitachi, Daikin, Pioneer, ANA, Best Denk, ASTRO JiaYu Channel (, Calbee, Konica Minolta, Asience, Jebsen and Jebsen etc. He last position was Head of 3D Animation and Producer for Daley Entertainment, a subsidiary of Daley Group. He has participated a number of international broadcasters such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, YTV, ABC, Discovery Kidsand and China Central Television (CCTV) animation productions including the famous 2D/3D animation series such as the famous Disney Channel Cartoon series Special Agent OSO, Formula-X, Celestial Warriors Deity & Arceus Season I & II etc.

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