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Our Strategic Partners

Think Globally, Act Locally. Strategic Partnering with World Class Leaders.

At MCUBE, we believe in collaboration. Strategic alliances and partnerships with external consultants, application vendors, infrastructure suppliers and others enable us to offer the best innovative solutions and complete end-to-end service to our clients

These companies extend the values of MCUBE solutions by providing a network of resources, tools, products and services.


Daley Group of Companies - Daley Entertainment, Daley Media & Daley Creative
Daley Entertainment, Daley Media and Daley Creative are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Daley Group. Daley Group is dedicated to children’s entertainment and education business by bring knowledge and happiness to the children from all over the World. Their business focuses on Animations, TV Series, Movies, TV Commercials and TV Programs. The annual output of its animation production is about 3,500 minutes; half of the production is their original animated series while the remaining is Work-for-Hire, which makes them one of the highest-ranked animation houses in China. Their IPs and Products include Math Island, Borneo Head Hunter Warrior, Dragon Snooker,The Fool and the latest Celestial Warriors Season I and II etc. They continue to improve their team's skills and strengths from the world class leading animation companies. They are one of the few animation companies which are able to undertake the whole animation production including Script, Storyboard, Design, Layout, Modeling & Animation, Post Production and Distribution. Their current clientele come from Japan, Korea, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia.

Guangzhou Tianyi Culture Communication Co Ltd
Guangzhou Tianyi Culture Communication Co Ltd, established since 1996, is a large China based cultural and educational enterprise and a professional audio visual company which has committed to integrate cartoon animation and children’s education together by providing turnkey solution that covers planning, design, production, packaging, distribution and selling. It is specializing in audiovisual products such as music and video CD/DVD media distribution, new digital online media publishing, original creative animation production and distribution and its derivative products, as well as other forms of cultural presentation such as theater drama. The company has been appointed as exclusive copyright operators and content distributor in China on behalf of British based British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and American based Sesame Workshop to promote and publish the famous long-running children’s television series include “Teletubbies”, “3rd & Bird”, “Wibby Pig” and “Sesame Street” in China. Tianyi has been very successful to introduce them to local market and seek for licensing business opportunities including derivative products. Besides the oversea AV products, Tianyi also very aggressive to promote China owned made animation series such as China No.1 animation brand “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, “Armor Hero XT”, Celestial Warriors “Deity & Arceus” Season I & II, rdquo; Journey to the West, “Ultra Beast Force", "Blazing Teens" etc. Tianyi also invested and produced its own animation include ”Little Study Big Lesson”, The Growth Stories of Famous People”, The Mouse Catch The Cat”, The Music Knight”, The Amazing Chinese Character Kingdom” etc and a series of licensed children edutainment products. Tianyi has been working with numerous of well-known animation companies from China and oversea include CCTV, Guangdong Creative Power Entertaining, Guangzhou Daley Creative, Guangzhou Ling Dong, Guangdong Alpha, Shanghai Media Corp, Toei Company Limited etc.

Luen Tai International Moulds Limited
Luen Tai International is an awarded ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer that manufactures high-quality, detailed die-cast and injection-molded products, including: (i) die-cast collectibles, (ii) collectible holiday ornaments, and (iii) action figures and miniature figurine playsets used primarily as toys products. These products include miniature replicas of popular cartoon and anime characters such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Marvel Superhero, the Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, Pocahontas, the Flintstones, Peanuts, various Disney and Sesame Street characters. They are currently manufacturing molds for die-cast collectibles for Mattel, Inc, McDonald, Hasbro, Inc., Tyco Toys, Inc. and Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc etc. Luen Tai's Turnkey Manufacturing Service fulfills a customer's requirements at every stage in the production process, from computer-aided product engineering and model and mold making, to manufacturing, assembling and packaging of the finished product. This coordinated, one-stop production process provides Zindart's customers with (i) shortened lead times from design to production; (ii) a single participant in the manufacturing process instead of the multiple participants previously required; and (iii) increased efficiency, resulting in lower per-unit costs. Luen Tai has developed the ability to produce high-quality products by employing a highly trained workforce, including skilled, technically trained craftsmen using modern equipment for the Company's mold-and model-making operations, and other capable but relatively inexpensive laborers for its manufacturing and assembly operations under the guidance of experienced management. The Company ensures quality through rigorous quality control procedures at each step of the production process. The Company has an employee training program geared specifically toward inspection and quality control.

Multimedia Development Corporation
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), a high-powered 'one-stop agency' focused on ensuring the success of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia and the companies operating in it. MDeC is incorporated under the Companies Act of Malaysia, and owned and funded by the Malaysian Government. At MDeC, they combine the entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness of a private company with the decision-making authority of a high-powered government agency. Their role is to advise the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, develop MSC Malaysia-specific practices, and set breakthrough standards for multimedia operations. They also promote MSC Malaysia locally and globally, as well as support companies which are locating and located within MSC Malaysia. Recognizing the vast potential in the Creative Multimedia industry, MDeC gives focus on the fundamentals of Creative Multimedia by investing in the long term prospect; namely by giving access to funding, discovering new talent, opening market opportunities and access; providing development infrastructure, policy intervention and also by forming strategic alliances with other companies. MDeC has set up Malaysia Animation Content Creative Centre (MAC3) which aims to provide technology and resources; develop talent and offer funding opportunities, and; to launch Malaysia as leading provider of creative digital content. In the aspiration of developing the Malaysian creative talents, MSC Malaysia is really keen and actively supporting homegrown talents with the best resources available.


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