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About Us

One stop Multimedia Production, Marketing and Merchandising (M3) Services Provider

MCUBE Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (“MCUBE”) is a wholly Malaysian owned subsidiary company of STI Group. MCUBE is an established one stop Multimedia Production, Marketing and Merchandising (M3) services provider with experience, expertise and understanding to serve the customers ranging from public, corporate to consumer market sector. With our great commitment to growth, MCUBE strategic alliances and collaborates with global leading multimedia and animation partners to strengthen our products and services for our customers’ needs. Our partnerships drive our continued commitment to excellence, customer success, and the evolution of creative technologies that facilitate mission success. Our customers acknowledge us as a trusted partner in the community where trust and relationships are critical to success.

At MCUBE, our integrated marketing experience, expertise, and comprehensive understanding of customer missions enable MCUBE to deliver advanced Multimedia, Marketing and Merchandising solutions (M3) with our professional services and technical supports to enable our customers to execute effective Communication and Public Relationship (PR) Strategy for your brand to reach out to the identified target audience effectively, across all platforms with its unique missions. MCUBE designs and produces highest quality digital presence with an impressive portfolio of 2D & 3D CGI Animation Production, Special Visual Effects (VFX), Video, Photography, and Informative and Interactive Contents with various new media formats including Websites, Social Media, Mobile Applications, Interactive DVD-ROM and KIOSK Applications, Immersive Virtual Reality (iVR), Multi-touch Display etc. MCUBE focuses on investment and development of animation production with international standard. We are one of the few Malaysian animation companies that are able to undertake the tasks of the whole animation production, including Story Board, Script, Layout Animation, Post Production and Distribution. MCUBE philosophy is simple - customer success is the foundation on which we operate. We understood how to use creativity and latest technology change to deliver the best value to our customers. Our customers inspire us to continue deliver the next generation of state-of-art Multimedia solutions with demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a passion for exceeding expectations.

We combine expertise in Three(3) Line of Businesses: -

Multimedia Development including 2D & 3D Animation, Special Visual Effects (VFX), TV Dramas Series, TV Commercials, TV Programs, Movies, Games, Immersive Virtual Reality and Multi-touch Display.

Hybrid Marketing Strategy and Implementation on both Digital and Non-Digital.

Licensing & Integrated Merchandising to extending the MCUBE owned and Partners’ Products Brands across multiple platforms beyond the TV Screen. This includes media commercialization and distribution, Rights and Licensing, and Products Merchandising such as the Games, Digital Applications Development and other commercial partnerships. Currently MCUBE has been appointed by Daley Entertainment as exclusive content distributor and character licensor for “Celestial Warriors “Deity & Arceus” Season II” in Malaysia and also authorized character licensor for “Saladin” from MDeC.


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Our Vision

MCUBE aims to become a world class leading provider in the delivery of Multimedia, Marketing and Merchandising (3M) solutions and services. Leadership will be achieved by establishing industry standards of excellence for quality solutions and services and by maintaining the lowest cost position relative to our service commitments to our clients.

Our Mission

In MCUBE, we see in ourselves an entity that embodies a genuine sense of customer collaboration, as being goals orientated in our behavior, and willingly sharing information amongst ourselves and with our clients - one where we do all that we do with Passion and Integrity. We see the future of our company as being a growing robust business delivering quality outcomes to our clients and their customers with good understandings of what they wanted to achieve and always strive to meet their expectations. A business that ultimately moves into a dominant position within our markets, where we are the Trusted Partner of choice, achieved as a consequence of the Passion of our people, delivering Professional, Dynamic, Creative and Quality solutions and various options within a very short of time.!

Our Values

Values of "CERTIFY"

It's the way we are, the way we instinctively behave, the way we treat our customers and treat ourselves. MCUBE team operates and drives by set of guiding values of the company as a whole. Our mission is clear. We are committed to do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers are successful. We are here to build a great company - a company that empowers our customers and partners to use human insight to achieve extraordinary results. At MCUBE, We are driven by the twelve strong values - "CERTIFY" (Commitment, Contribution, Enthusiasm, Entrepreneurship, Excellent, Respect, Trust, Team-Spirit, Innovation, Integrity, Freedom, Youthful"), which help foster employee empowerment and achieve a 'best practices' working environment.

Our Strengths

Our team is a group of highly creative people from different backgrounds who are active in the application of new techniques in our chosen field, providing fresh new solutions and innovations to further drive our clients position and brand name in this new era, where conventional advertising strategies are no longer enough to create an impact on the fast developing marketplace. All great things start with an idea. At MCUBE, every fresh idea begins life as a blank piece of paper, which gradually materializes via a chain of calculated and proven strategies, and meticulously engineered into an integrated solution that meets and exceeds our client's need and expectations. We have a high experienced creative and production teams that delivered the end results.